Healthy Indoor Air and the Fight Against COVID-19

COVID-19 has been demonstrated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to adversely affect individuals with pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease, compromised immune systems, and diabetes to a greater extent than people without such conditions. Chemical compounds emitted from furniture and building products affect indoor air quality that could potentially compromise the health of building occupants, making them more susceptible to contracting and developing complications from the coronavirus.

Products meeting the MAS Certified Green® specifications can be used to provide a healthier indoor environment and reduce the likelihood of building occupant developing respiratory ailments. Our certified products meet the stringent emissions criteria of the LEED building rating system, the California Department of Public Health Standard Method for volatile organic chemical emissions, and the Building and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) Furniture Sustainability Standard. MAS can perform emissions and chemical testing on building products and furnishings so that manufacturers, building owners, and building managers can protect their customers and clients. Contact MAS to see how we can help you provide a healthier indoor environment.

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