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Shop Sustainably with MAS Certified Green®

MAS Certified Green® is excited to be part of Shop Sustainably, Wayfair’s third-party certified sustainable product offering! Shop Sustainably features more than 50 third-party product certifications and has the largest selection of sustainability certifications featured by a home retailer.

When shopping on Wayfair, you can now select the Shop Sustainably filter to find MAS Certified Green® certified products. Learn more at

The MAS Certified Green® Program is an accredited third-party certification program that certifies furniture, furnishings, and building products such as paints, adhesives, and flooring to the highest standards for use in offices, classrooms, and residential settings. Our relationship with Wayfair is further recognition that our certification is among the most globally recognized and trusted certifications for VOC emissions testing.

What is MAS Certified Green®?

MAS Certified Green® is an emissions testing laboratory specializing in helping companies enter the green market with low VOC emitting products.

What Does Our Logo Mean?

Only products that pass our stringent tests can display the MAS Certified Green® logo. This logo is your assurance the product is certified for low VOC emissions.

The MAS Advantage

MAS Certified Green® offers a number of advantages over our competitors. We educate our clients and demystify the testing process.

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